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Customised Peeli

Land your child on the moon, bring the great outdoors to your living room wall or add a little personal style to your phone case with our custom Peelis. The possibilities are endless!  Choose any photo, texture, pattern or illustration, upload & order.


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To create your own bespoke Peeli, all you need to do is upload your image, select from our preset print sizes or contact us with your specific requirements. Your upload must be high resolution a large digital image) and you must own the usage rights. We’ve outlined a few guidelines to get you started:

  • Use an image more than 2MB in size

  • Use an image greater than 1800 x 1800 pixels in size

  • Use an image with between 180-300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)

For further information on image and artwork requirements and copyright guidelines, please click here or feel free to get in touch.

All Peelis are custom made by our creative team in our Warwick studio. We hope

you enjoy personalising and experimenting with your Peelis as much as we do. And when you’re finished with it, your print is biodegradable over time. Stylish and eco friendly – the perfect combo! 

Not what you’re looking for? Browse our paper print collection here.

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