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Welcome to the world of Display Graphics. Custom prints & adhesive designs created in our Warwick studio.

The Journey

The Peeli journey began following a chance meeting with the industry leading printers for Coca Cola, Nike and Adidas here in the UK, whose printing and cutting techniques are enabling the countries biggest companies to create contemporary, custom prints. But what about smaller businesses? And what about us as individuals? How can we get our hands on cutting edge custom prints? Even better, what if they could be reusable, come with hassle free application and be kind to the environment? Enter Peeli and founder Phil Baker...

The Product Itself!

As the name suggests, the Peeli product is a peel on - peel off, easy to use product. But unlike regular adhesive vinyls, Peeli can be reused and applied to virtually any flat surface. Think walls, floors, tiles. table tops, windows, even shop fronts. Phil has been working tirelessly on this new product and custom service and now, with the support of the Peeli creative team, it's ready for you to enjoy! Explore the Peeli shop and happy customising...

Our Team

Phil Baker

CEO & Founder

Dani Boniface

Office Manager/Graphic Designer

Jake Wetton

Web/Graphic Designer

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