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Image Guidelines

Getting The Best Result: Image Guidelines & Copyright Use >>

The most important step in creating your custom Peeli is sourcing or capturing a suitable image. Your image must be high resolution (a large digital image) – the higher the resolution, the sharper and larger the finished product can be. Here are a few guidelines from the Peeli team

to get you started:

If you’re planning on taking a photo, use a digital camera that can take a high quality, high resolution digital photographs. You may have to adjust your settings to get the highest picture quality. Following these steps when taking a picture for your custom Peeli will help produce the very best end product:

You must own the rights to the image(s). If you took the photograph that you’re sending us then you own the rights. If someone else took the photograph, you will need permission from that person to use the photograph. If you used a professional photographer he or she should be able to provide you with a release form. If you upload a licensed image or an image you do not own the rights to, we will not be able to produce your custom Peeli.